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Importance Of Your Tracking Number

by Anya Marina | Posted in Sunglasses | No comments yet. | 3026 views on this post

We can't stress enough on how important a tracking number is to a customer once you have gotten it from us. Its basically your ticket to receiving your order. In this post, we will try our best to explain how Regular Air Mail works and how to make sure that you receive your parcel and not have it sent back to us as an unclaimed parcel by your local postal office.

Regular Air Mail Tracking Numbers

Firstly, understand that all regular air mail shipments are sent by the sellers respective local postal office. Our local postal office has an agreement with your country's postal office to complete the delivery. It does not matter which part of the world you are as Registered Air Mail works the same in all countries. Remember that only your local postal office will be in charge of delivering your parcel to you. For example, in the United States, USPS is responsible for delivery. In United Kingdom, Royal Mail is responsible for delivery and so on for any other country.

These type of shipments are basically the most economical way of shipping a parcel to another country hence why most e-commerce stores offers it. This way, it would not be a burden on the buyer for having to pay for shipping via a private company such as DHL or Fedex which is much more expensive. However, bare in mind this type of shipments can take up to 30 working days to arrive at your doorstep.

Secondly is how your local postal office handles the shipment. Most local postal office will only attempt delivery ONCE for this type of parcels. If you are lucky, they might leave a notice for you to pick it up if there was nobody at home to during the delivery. They will never call you(although we put phone numbers on every shipping label) & most of the times they will never leave you a single notice as well. USPS in the United States is known for not leaving a notice when the reciepient is not at home during delivery. So the reciepient basically knows nothing of the failed delivery, and USPS just takes the parcel back to their facility and it stays there until someone comes ahead to collect it. However, if noone comes to collect it after 30 days, they ship it back to us hence the picture below to show you guys an example of a "UNCLAIMED" parcel.

Customers Important Role

So this is where the customer which is you, plays a really important role. Once your tracking number shoes "Dispatched to Country Of Destination" for example "Item dispatched out ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS)", give it 2 weeks for the parcel to be delivered to your doorstep. However after 2 weeks if there is still no parcel, you HAVE to call up your local postal office and supply them with your tracking number to get real-time update on your parcel. Some of our customers assume this is our job to do. Please understand that we are most probably thousand of miles away from you hence a local call would make everything much more convenient. Please understand that we do our part in shipping your order however you have to do your part as well in monitoring your order so that your shopping experience would be a great one :)

Common Hiccups with Regular Air Mail Tracking

No Record Found

Did you get the error above while trying to track your order that was just shipped? Worry not as our postal office does tend to update its tracking system slower than usual. However, rest assured that your order is in transit and will be trackable after a few days.

DHL Shipments

With DHL shipments, you basically have nothing to worry about except keeping track of your parcel on

With all said, have fun shopping online!
Best Regards.
Daniel P.
Logistics Department

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