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How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators Full Guide (Cheap Ray Bans Guide)

by Anya Marina | Posted in Sunglasses | No comments yet. | 569 views on this post

This is a pretty informative video on how to spot a fake vs authentic Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses which would be useful for those who are looking to purchase a pair of authentic cheap ray bans. However after watching the video, be sure to read our points stated below the video as although most of the information in the video is accurate, there is one misleading point.

Points made in the video where the fake came with a plastic Ray Ban bag and the authentic one did not i simply find not true. As a Ray Ban fan myself, i've purchased a pair of Ray Ban Aviators from Sunglass Hut in Dubai and they did come with the plastic case the sunglasses was in as shown in the "eBay bought" Ray Ban Aviator. He should definitely contact the Sunglass Hut he bought it from to inquire why was that not included.

Finding too good to be true crazily knocked off price for cheap Ray Ban Aviators or cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses can be an obvious sign its a fake but there are definitely some good deals you could find online especially on Google after they've been working hard to filter out all these chinese knock-off scam sites. Finding discount Ray Bans online should be really hard but always check extensively and follow your gut feeling. We found a site that is reputable and have purchased numerous times from them with no issue although shipping can be really slow as its shipped out of Singapore. Its called Branded Sunglasses Factory and you can google them for more information.

We hope this article has helped you at least a little in finding your perfect sunglasses!


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